Chords should be heard and not seen.

Visualize your dream.

Have a vision for your ideal kitchen, living room, or home theatre room? Perfect! We’ll work together to help visualize your dream.

Using VR technologies, we can create renderings for your new space to bring it to life before construction even begins. Virtually designing a space has an unlimited potential for catching design flaws and achieving 100% client satisfaction.

3 D rendering Miestro Theater
The Rendering
Miestro Home Theater Showroom
The Reality

The Score

The Score provides you with a thoughtful design that showcases smart home technology while making your life and home easier and more enjoyable.

We start with questions and a walk-through to understand your needs and desires. We then go back to our team to create a melody that you will love. If desired, we can develop 3D renderings or animations to show you what the space will look like upon completion.

The Score also includes details on system integration, options, and pricing.

Let us orchestrate your vision!

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Interior Design

Already have an Interior Designer? No problem. We'll work hand-in-hand with them to ensure nothing is seen or heard unless you say so.

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Now you see it.
Now you don’t.