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We often start with the prompt, “Tell me why you are building this home.” It’s probably similar as to how many home builders approach a new home build. Just as a client works alongside an architect or builder to create their dream home, we approach the technology in homes from the same angle. What’s your dream home? How can your home enhance your life and make it easier?

What is a technology integrator?

Miestro Home Integration is a technology integrator that brings different systems from different manufacturers and ties them together seamlessly in homes. While we do also sell and install TVs and speakers, a modern smart home goes much deeper than that. We work with audio and video, lighting design, motorized shades, security systems, and networks & wifi – all of which can be accessed and controlled on a phone or tablet. Our team is comprised of technicians, engineers, programmers, project coordinators and sales reps that follow projects from start to finish.

We can also work with home renovation projects and bring smart home technology into existing spaces. But, where we really love to flex our tech is by working with homeowners and builders from the ground up.

Home technology in the design and building process

Technology is a part of the modern home, and it has to be considered from day one. Miestro works alongside architects, builders, and homeowners to hide home technology within the walls, so that the finished project looks clean and polished. We support builders all the way through design, construction, and post-construction follow-ups to ensure the client is happy with their home.

Behind the Scene Careers

During construction, we pay attention to tiny details like how the wire is pulled, how it's supported in the ceilings, and how the cables are labeled. We install higher bandwidth ethernet access throughout the home; we include special hidden outlets and lighting controls; we install speakers behind the drywall. These are just a few examples of the hidden features homeowners expect. While you can’t even see it behind the walls, these little details make a difference in bringing the client's dream home into reality.

When we are brought on too late in a new build, technology integration is still possible but needs to be worked around the construction crews already in place. When Miestro is brought on early in the building process, it allows us to work with everyone to blend the design with the technology to perfection.

What Miestro brings to the client

Every project starts with an idea or a dream. Families enjoy their spaces in different and unique ways. We listen to our client’s dream and decipher and decode how to bring it to existence.

Some of the ways a smart home makes life easier is by automating many of the daily button-pushing and tasks a homeowner does. Simply push one button in the evenings to set off a series of events like locking all the doors, closing all the shades, and turning off certain lights before you head to bed. Set automated lighting and music to suit your working hours, dinner parties, poolside chats, and date nights. The sky's the limit when it comes to smart home automations to make your life easier.

Many of Miestro’s tasks in the building phase involve getting items off the walls. We hide outlets, light switches, shades, speakers and more and even work with interior designers to take into consideration your furnishings and finishes. We work really hard to make things disappear.

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Effortless Home, Cutting-Edge Technology, Seamless Process

You need a special integrator on your team to make something special happen in a home. Miestro Home Integration’s expertise is bolstered by passionate people doing high-quality work to ensure the client experience stays the top priority.

Stop trying to worry about every piece of the puzzle, and rest with confidence knowing that you have a partner with Miestro Home Integrations.

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