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Mistro Case Study Media Room Final After 1

From Childhood Bedroom to the Ultimate Gaming Room

Miestro was asked to help convert this client’s childhood bedroom into the ultimate gaming room, so that he could enjoy playing video games and watching sports - lots and lots of sports!

During the course of the project, we discovered two main challenges:

First, the room’s layout and spacing presented some limitations that would require a creative approach.

Secondly, the space was intended to be temporary. For the first time, our design team needed to develop a solution that fit one space, but also could be expanded when the client builds their “forever home” in a few years.

During the discovery phase, the client expressed a desire for an uncompromising audio and video experience. Miestro was able to design a system that delivers world class audio and video, with technology that can grow to meet their future plans.

Project Scope

The project was unique due to the room limitations on phase one. It had a very large bay window that looked over the sunroom below, with windows on the opposing side and several entry doors to bathrooms and closets on the other walls.


Miestro Case Study Media Room Before 1 A
Miestro Case Study Media Room Before 2

In place of these windows, we installed a DPI direct-lit LED video wall. The client wanted to use this room to play video games and watch movies or sports, and didn’t want to sit in a dark room all the time. The 110” video display produces the most amazing colors that adjust brightness to fit the room giving the media space distinct advantages over a traditional projector system. This display also allows for adding more modules down the road, making it the perfect solution for the client to grow into a 220” 4K display in the future home build.

Miestro Case Study Media Room Before 3

Another specific client request was to be able to watch multiple sporting events all at one time on the display. After thinking about this request and knowing the client wanted an amazing surround sound system as well, we chose Steinway Lyngdorf for the audio system. Not only does Steinway Lyngdorf provide the best possible room calibration on the market, they happen to make the most exquisite audio components in the world. The MP200 processor provided the future proof aspect I needed while also being able to display natively a quad view for the clients sports TV viewing needs.


Mistro Case Study Media Room Final After 1

The custom designed Audio system is a Dolby 5.2 layout that will be able to grow into a full Dolby Atmos 7.4.4 in the future simply by adding additional speakers.

Fulfillment of Customer Needs

During the renovation of the room we added support systems for the video wall, relocated lighting and created a riser for an additional row of seating.

We condensed the lighting loads using Control4 smart keypads so only a single interface was placed at the room’s entrance. Custom engravings and programming allows the client to launch any number of media with the press of a single button.

Climate control and window treatments were added to top off the room’s automation.

Once the video display and front soundstage were installed, we made a custom wall wrap with acoustical panels so that the front speakers were hidden while allowing the video display to “float” on the wall. The custom Steinway boundary woofers were intentionally wrapped so they displayed on each side of the screen. The client enjoyed seeing the woofers and wanted to see them in the room while we minimized the footprint into the room.

The client’s handpicked carpet and paint selection gave the room a warm feel and the super comfortable, deep seating allowed friends and family alike to sink into the experience even more. The collection of framed jerseys made the perfect accent wall to the new game/media room and gave it such a welcoming vibe.

Mistro Case Study Media Room Final After 2

Technology Specs

Home, Lighting, Technology Controls - Control4

Main Theater Speakers - Steinway Lyngdorf Model S-15 for LCR and LSR 212 Boundary woofers

In-Wall/In-Ceiling Speakers - Steinway Lyngdorf Model S-15 surrounds and LSR 212 Boundary woofers

A/V Amps, Pre-Pros & Receivers - Steinway Lyngdorf MP200 and A2 amplifiers

Blu-Ray & DVD Players - Kaleidescape Strato 6TB movie server

Sound Treatments - Kinetics Noise Control

Smart Thermostats - Ecobee

Additional Credits

Construction Partner - Catmur Development Company

Photography by Selavie Photography

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